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Ready to chat? Schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation Call. Share your vision and challenges. Let’s see if we are a good fit and how I may be able to serve your business with operations planning and support.

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Interested in connecting?

Have a question? Check out the FAQ section below.

Ready to chat? Schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation Call. Share your vision and challenges. Let’s see if we are a good fit and how I may be able to serve your business with operations planning and support. 


As a leader, you desire not only a return on your investment, but also on your time, effort, and stress…and you can’t do this alone.

Let’s talk TIES!

T: Return on Time
I: Return on Investment
E: Return on Effort
S: Return on Stress

As a master of behind-the-scenes work, my gifts can provide value beyond the standard measures so you can function at an optimal level as the leader. With a focused plan and solid operations in place, higher TIES will result in greater ease, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Operations is the function and logistics of each area of a business and the key for a business to grow and scale. It is everything on the “back-end” of a business and all the “how” that goes into the delivery of a product or service. 

A Director of Operations (DOO) acts as a strategic partner to a CEO and possesses skills, insights, and connections to achieve the CEO’s vision for the business. 

A DOO can take on many roles within a company. In general, a DOO sits at the right-hand of a leader and provides team and project management. 

A licensed system that guides business owners and leaders through a strategic operations exercise, going from vision > prioritized projects > intentional day-to-day activities. The process provides clarity, direction, and a plan.

Whether building, growing, or scaling, Strategic Mapping™ is for any leader ready to take a focused look at their operations in order to prioritize and plan for the future.

Strategic Mapping™ is a fit for:

  • new businesses interested in creating an annual plan for moving forward and cementing their vision, mission, and values
  • existing businesses ready to focus on growth and scaling
  • businesses preparing for new calendar and fiscal years, upcoming sales cycles, and new product or service launches

I’ve worked with both product and service-based businesses, as well as non-profit leaders. My clients have ranged from solopreneurs to businesses with 15 staff members. 

The initial package with follow-up accountability calls is $1,297.

Do you have a prayer partner or a running buddy? Business is no different and accountability is key to push forward, stay focused, and hit your goals. After we finish with the initial Strategic Mapping™ sessions, you will have access to book “as-needed” Ops Connection Calls. This allows time to review the status of projects and discuss challenges and solutions. As one client says “Julie is my sounding board and ‘kick me in the pants’ gal. I can dump out my thoughts and ideas and bounce things off of her. She keeps me focused and brings clarity and direction. She keeps me moving forward with confidence!”

You will also be able to schedule subsequent quarterly and annual Strategic Mapping™ sessions at a preferred package rate.

Many small businesses do not have the resources to hire full-time employees to handle ongoing oversight of the operations components. The owner tends to perform and/or manage the back-office operations. 

A Fractional DOO can step in and serve as a right-hand to a CEO in a part-time capacity, filling in that oversight role for the owner. Think of it as the DOO taking over one or more of the leader’s “hats”! This shift gives the owner ease and fulfillment in their role and helps the leader fully utilize their natural abilities. 

I would say I’m a generalist who specializes in operations. My focus is anything related to managing people, processes, or systems to deliver a product or service. One client nicknamed me “Julie, the Executioner”. Let’s finish some things together!

Snapshot of projects I’ve helped clients complete include:

  • Various written materials and documentation – SOP Manuals, Employee Handbooks, Brochures, Flyers, Workbooks, Cost Estimate Templates, Inventory Worksheets
  • Website audits and revisions
  • Team and talent audits, staff capacity plan, job descriptions
  • CRM – research, purchase, implementation, training, content creation (emails, questionnaires, proposals)
  • E-Commerce store/fulfillment process set up
  • Content writing – email marketing, website copy
  • Event planning 
  • Board meeting preparation and planning
  • Sales and support for special initiative product promotion

Some of the systems I have worked on to support either my business or clients include:

  • Website – WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Elementor 
  • Accounting – Quickbooks, Wave
  • E-Commerce – Shopify, Shipstation, Ecwid, Amazon Seller Central
  • CRM – Hubspot, 17Hats, Honeybook, Virtuous, Little Green Light 
  • Email Marketing – Squarespace, Flocknote, Constant Contact
  • Project Management – Asana, Trello
  • General – Canva, Acuity, LastPass, Toggle, Dropbox
  • Communication – Voxer, Loom, Vidyard, Zoom, Google Voice

*Intermediate to Advanced in all Google and Microsoft Office products

Fractional DOO Services and Done-For-You Projects are priced based on time commitment and complexity. Schedule a call and we can discuss your current needs. 

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